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We can't expect things to change if we continue doing the same things.  When I see we I mean YOU.  Quit passing blame, expecting politicians, parties, and others to do what you expect them to do. 

Not doing anything is how we got here in the first place.  The same politicians you elected expect you won't do a damn thing.  


There's more to being a member of society than paying your taxes and voting.    Everything's a mess....not just the house but the entire yard.   But to clean your house you need start with your room, time to make your bed. 

What can you do???

Different results require a different approach..  Updates will be added in the blogs.  #action


The day you don't vote is the day you decide it's okay to allow someone dumber than you govern you.  Your vote doesn't matter???  Quit being a sucker....They want you to believe your vote doesn't matter.  Elections are rigged?  "If you ain't cheatin you ain't trying" -   Someone will always attempt to cheat - and people will always steal...especially if no one's looking.   Start looking and start holding them accountable. 

School Board

Make damn sure your school is teaching the values it needs to be.  Go to the School Board Discussion in the forum


Become a precinct committee member more info to follow


Digital Warrior

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