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Emergency Management Act - unlawful?

Darren Bailey successfully sued Pritzker in Clay County Court last year on the grounds that Pritzker’s emergency orders were invalid.

Unfortunately, Pritzker and the media successfully convinced most people in the state that Bailey’s lawsuit only applied to Clay County.

Pritzker was incorrect. Darren Bailey, his attorney Tom DeVore, and the Judge, Michael McHaney, all made it clear that Bailey’s lawsuit applied to the entire state.

Some of the media and politicians in the Chicago area spun the lawsuit as not being valid statewide because it came from a small “downstate” county.

That’s also not true. All county courts in Illinois have the same level of authority regardless of their size or location within the state.

Pritzker and the media can’t just dismiss a ruling because it came from a small “downstate” county.

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